Happy clients

Book artwork

Children's books and short story artwork. For me children's books can be the most inspiring and satisfying artwork to make. Being able to share my vision of a story and having an opportunity to inspire in children that sense of wonder and fun is a tremendous pleasure. 

Table top games

Nothing can bring more fun and enjoyment from artwork than actually playing with it. Producing clever cute characters, interesting game elements and overall exciting visuals for games is a wonderful opportunity that I always look forward to. 

Apparel artwork

With a working technical background in silkscreen design and sublimation printing I can generate vivid and imaginative artwork with a wide variety of styles, utilizing a full range of color and details, without any loss of quality during the printing process. 

Games and Apps

With skill in both 2-D and 3-D illustration and design I enjoy the dynamics and variety of artwork that can be created using both mediums for purpose of creating wildly imaginative creature characters, beast and monsters over many platforms.