The magic of bringing your ideas to life

/Chris England/

As an artist I enjoy creating the most inspiring and fantastical characters I can imagine.

TMNT Bebop
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
ANCIENTS the Beginning
Little Monster
3D Werewolf / BAT inspired character model
Metal bandits
Historical conquest
Strategy card game
Willy Wonka
Blighted dragon
XP Pen
3D print for figurine production
Novel covers
Snowball fight
Game Craftsmen
Serpent Master
Wizards and witches
12 days of Christmas
Viking Games

testimonials of my clients

red rover final
Dave McDougal
Custom illustration

Chris did a fantastic job! He listened to what I was looking to accomplish and then during the process of working out the details he had some great suggestions. Near the end I asked for some changes that he made real quick and he always seemed eager to please. I think I’ll definitely be contacting him in the future for more of this work.

Rozzie Harris
Book cover

Chris did a great job zeroing in on exactly what I wanted for the project. With each sketch and draft, he got closer and closer to the vision I had before we even started. I couldn’t be more pleased with is work and I hope you make the same decision I did when choosing to hire him; the right one.

concept 2b
Camila Sanchez
Mural concept design

Chris was absolutely amazing to work with. He took the time to chat with me on the needs of the company and delivered on time and efficiently. I can’t express how great Chris was during this project and not to mention incredibly talented. Will absolutely reach out to him in the future if ever needed. Thank you, Chris, for taking a chance on this project and for doing an amazing job!

Lochlan Kriesfeld
3D design to create a monstrously blighted flesh-dragon

Very high quality work. He is creative in his design, and does excellent work on the fine details of a model. He’s done some stunning work for me. He has the experience to know the limitations of 3D printing, so is able to advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of your model, as well as whether your choice of printing material is a good idea. Chris was a pleasure to work with, and his enthusiasm for my design, alongside being generally pleasant, gave me the best experience I think I could have hoped for.

Nick Shapiro
Comic superheroes illustrations for Game Craftsmen

Amazing artist with original ideas, his work and revisions were fantastic and his attitude was always very nice and professional. I would definitely recommend to work with Christopher.