Christopher England



About me

I am a naturally talented artist skilled in traditional media such as drawing and painting, coupled with significant experience in digital artist software for the purpose of producing both fine and commercial art. I have the ability to emulate or reproduce most any style or technique and provide results that are successfully applied in all areas of the current media.

My work experience includes but is not limited to: custom design, silkscreen, offset (paper media) and digital printing, soft and hard media (book covers, board games, stickers, posters, etc) which gives me a strong understanding of the needs and requirements of all the production's stages.

My workflow is intuitive, efficient and productive. I provide clients with the possibility of project tracking through dedicated and easy to use online communication tools to ensure full satisfaction at any stage of the work, which maintains the best relationship between the client and myself.

For more details refer to my resume.

What am I good at?

Corel Painter
Adobe Flash